Digitalization at Evonik Industries
Digitalization at Evonik Industries


The digital daughter

Founded in 2017 in the heart of the Ruhr area, the team of experts at Evonik Digital GmbH works quickly, flexibly and with a great deal of freedom on the implementation of unusual ideas.

Experts from different branches came together to develop new digital concepts and solutions, which later will be introduced into the Evonik group. The “Digital Innovation Factory” not only works up new digital business models and prototypes, they also build up relevant networks and skills.

Evonik’s digitalization strategy is built on five pillars and takes a holistic approach. The interplay of all these aspects is crucial for preparing the company to face the challenges and opportunities of the future successfully.

The work of Evonik Digital GmbH is about connecting the physical and digital world. Therefore the team is working on new E-Commerce platforms and customer interfaces. New E-Commerce solutions will lead to a sustainable digital customer experience, new customer interfaces will individualize the customer relationship management. Cognitive technologies, which means the connection between cognitive sciences and information technologies, will improve the service of Evonik.

While working on these topics the team of Evonik Digital uses different methods to find creative digital solutions. These methods include Design Thinking, Working out Loud, Lean Start-Up, Development of business models, Minimum Viable Products and Rapid Pretotypen/Prototyping.

Design thinking
Used to develop innovations that focus on customer benefit, corporate strategies. Business models can be reinvented or radically changed.

Working out loud
Working out loud (WOL) is a method for informal learning. It is based on transparent, open collaboration in networks and is an important skill to have in a networking world.

Lean start-up
Pretotypes are tested on the customer with a minimum effort in order to develop a viable business model and optimize existing innovative ideas through early feedback from potential users.

Development of business models
For the agile development and visualization of innovative digital business model development, various established techniques and tools are used. These include the Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas. In this context, value propositions are developed, because customer insights are used to create performance promises, which are used for the development of the pretotypes and later in a detailed form for product development and marketing. Value propositions bring together the customer perspective and the product perspective.

Minimum viable product/rapid pretotyping/prototyping
Digital business ideas which are tested on target groups by means of A/B testing or mock-ups (pretotypes) are integrated into a minimum viable product (MVP). The ideas are iteratively further developed in conjunction with the customer. A MVP has the first minimal functional properties of a product.