Video library

The team has produced videos on various occasions and topics. We have published the most interesting ones here.

Yves Gorat Stommel talks about laying the groundwork for broad AI use [Please note that the sound quality improves significantly after the first 9 minutes]

Recording of Yves Gorat Stommel (Head of Cognitive Solutions at Evonik) at the 2nd Annual Global Process Optimisation and Smart Operations for Chemical Sector 2022.

Yves Gorat Stommel in the "Ring of Fire" of the Hands on Data conference, hosted by Gründerallianz Ruhr.

Yves Gorat Stommel (Head of Cognitive Solutions at Evonik) on "Data-driven approaches for processes, products and business models: From PoC to company-wide introduction and their chemistry-specific challenges".

Hands On Data (HOD) - The Hodest Virtual B2B Conference

Henrik Hahn (CDO at Evonik) presents at the HOD live event of the Gründerallianz Ruhr on the topic of big data and AI with respect to the chemical industry and answers a crucial question: Nessie phenomenon or strategic levers?

Blockchain-technology and programmable money in the supply chain. Financial symposium April 21st 2021

Digital Networking - From Knowledge Worker to Relationship Worker in four steps

Digital networking is not that easy! It has four levels to go step by step - I Connect, I Follow, I Share, I Lead. Source: YouTube channel Rainer Gimbel.

Attention is all you need! - Interactive Tutorial on Transformers

Christopher Schymura, Data Scientist at Evonik Digital, discusses the paper "Attention Is All You Need".

What does digitalization mean for Evonik?

Digitization is a trending topic that is not so easy to describe. Henrik Hahn explains why.

St. Gallen Business Model Navigator

That's why it's important to continuously develop your business model. This video is not self-produced! Source:

Cognitive Solutions Agenda Evonik

What is Evoniks Cognitive Solution Agenda all about? Have a first overview.

Cognitive Solutions - Learning hour

What is Evoniks Cognitive Solution Agenda all about? Here is a broad overwiew.

Home office talks: AI in the chemical industriy

Nils Janus (Covestro) and Yves-Gorat Stommel (Evonik Digital) discuss artificial intelligence in the chemical industry.

Digitalisation of company groups with Henrik Hahn, CDO at Evonik Industries - Interview/Podcast

Henrik Hahn is interviewed by "Kassenzone" about digital transformation and its challenges. This video is not self-produced! Source: YouTube Kanal Kassenzone

Experiments with Google

Experiments with Google are a good way to learn and test AI techniques in an entertaining way. Misbah Syed provides you with some examples for "Data Science" and "Machine Learning".

B2B Digital Talk: Opportunities and Pitfalls of Digital Change

What are the opportunities and pitfalls of digital change? FoxBase GmbH discussed this question with Henrik Hahn from Evonik. This video is not self-produced! Source: YouTube Kanal FoxBase GmbH

RunwayML: One of the Best No-Code Machine Learning Tool

RunwayML makes it easy to implement artificial intelligence techniques with no programming experience. Misbah Syed for "Data Science" and "Machine Learning" shows you how it works.

Extract Transform Load

What does "ETL process" mean? Find out in our short video!

B2B Marketplace

As part of the Evonk Digital Conference Digicon, Matthias Klein explains aspects of B2B platforms.

What does digitalization mean for a chemical company?

The topic of digitization in the chemical industry must be understood. This video is not self-produced! Source: YouTube Kanal infok GmbH