Experience Artificial Intelligence

Interactive examples and playgrounds help you get to know different methods of artificial intelligence.

Experiment with a neural network directly in your browser

Source: https://playground.tensorflow.org/

An easy-to-understand interactive demonstration of how a neural network works. What are neural networks? They are a technique for creating a computer algorithm that learns from data.

Can a neural network detect drawings?

Source: https://quickdraw.withgoogle.com/#

In this application you can help train a neural network and add your drawings to the world's largest database of drawings. The database is publicly available and is used for machine learning research. Go ahead and try it!

Arbitrary Style Transfer in the Browser

Source: https://reiinakano.com/arbitrary-image-stylization-tfjs/

This style transfer algorithm runs with TensorFlow.js and uses a neural network to "draw" one image in the style of another. The network learns to divide each image into a 100-dimensional vector representing its style. This style vector is then fed into another network, the transformer network, along with the content image. The goal is to create a new stylised image.

Experiments with Google

Source: https://experiments.withgoogle.com/collection/ai

The AI Experiments with Google website contains a collection of simple experiments that make it easy for anyone to understand and explore machine learning through images, drawings, speech, music and more. Syed Misbahuddin, team member at Evonik Digital, introduces us to the site in a video.