Here you can have a look at the events at Evonik Digital

Community Management Day with Luis Suarez - 21st of June 2018

In June Luis Suarez visited Evonik Digital to talk about his Journey to not use Email anymore and to form and lead communities within a company. Check out the articel here..

Failure Night - 7th of February 2018

First Failure Night at Evonik Digital
First Failure Night at Evonik Digital

"If I knew yesterday what I know now, I would have made different mistakes"

For the first time Evonik Digital was opening its doors for the failure night at Evonik. Different Evonik employees came together to talk about all the projects that have failed. The relaxed atmosphere helped to make it easy to discuss what would have led to a better outcome and what has been learned for future projcts.

Evonik Digital meets Ruhr:HUB

Evonik Digital meets Ruhr:HUB
Evonik Digital meets Ruhr:HUB

Twitter: #EvonikDigital meets @RuhrHub:Thank you for the interesting exchange of the topics #Startup culture, innovation and digitalization.

At the beginning of february Oliver Wiemann and Katrin Kröll from Ruhr:HUB visited the team of Evonik Digital. The discussion involved the growing of digitalization, cross-industry cooperations and increasing pressure of innovation.

Hackathon - 26th & 27th of September

Video: #HackTheGiant

For 24 hours 22 participants were faced with exciting IT-challanges at the first Evonik Hackathon. The event was held at the football stadium in Essen. The motivated and creative Hacker found several solutions to the challages which were made up by the Technology & Infrastructe segement. The topics involved Zero Accidents, Energy Cycle, Autonomous Anomaly Recognition as well as People Localisation and Upgrade your Health. Click the play button to see how the day went.

NRW minister of digitalization visits Evonik Digital - 8th of September 2017

NRW minister of economics Andreas Pinkwart visits Evonik Digital
NRW minister of economics Andreas Pinkwart visits Evonik Digital

Twitter: NRW minister of economics Andreas Pinkwart visits #EvonikDigital: conversations about #digitalization at #Evonik and #industry40

Since 2017 Andreas Pinkwart is the NRW minister of economics, innovation, digitalization and energy. In september he visited Evonik Digital to talk about the work of the GmbH. He was welcomed by the manager Henrik Hahn and Catharina Müller-Buschbaum as well as Norber Ness (on the left), political communication at Evonik.

Networking Event - 6th of July 2017

Video: Welcome at Evonik Digital

The digital future of Evonik is created within the heart of the ruhrarea: Almost 100 guest visited the rooms of the Evonik Digital at Steinstraße in Essen. The digital daughter of the Evonik Industries AG sees itself as the digital innovation factory. Their task is to develope new digital business models and prototypes als well as building relevant networks and responsibilities. Click the play button to get an impression of the day!

John Stepper at Evonik Digital -12th of May 2017

John Stepper visits Evonik
John Stepper visits Evonik

During a digital breakfast the initator of Working out Loude John Stepper visits the Evonik Digital team. His philosophy supports the idea of a collective learing which was welcomed by the whole team. Together they talked about how the existing knowledge can be shared and brought into the company.