The Evonik Cognitive Solutions Agenda

A group-wide strategy for the use of artificial intelligence.

Data-driven decision-making, supported by artificial intelligence (AI), affects the entire company. Typically, however, decentralized and explorative activities of single units of the organization can be observed in a first phase. In order to achieve a group-wide use and integration of relevant methods and technologies in the next step, competencies, processes and resources must be coordinated, and a common goal must be defined and implemented.


The "Cognitive Solutions Agenda" is a group-wide approach that focuses on the work areas shown in Figure 1.

Only by combining the various fields of activity will it be possible to achieve a sustainable and value-creating data-driven organization.

Figure 1: Fields of work of an AI strategy

For employees, their focus is less on project or program organization and more on using the technology, with a "What's in it for me?" mindset. 

Therefore, they are supported on their individual journey - from first contact with AI to use or even co-creation (see Figure 2)

One offering is expert support throughout the entire implementation process of AI applications (see Figure 3):

  1. In a first step, idea generation is simplified via centralized directories on use cases: for which use cases has added value already been generated in the group? Which use cases that have not yet been implemented? It leads to knowledge exchange and potentially the use of existing solutions.
  2. The second step involves a structured capturing of the use case - supported by experts if desired.
  3. The documented use case is evaluated by a cross-functional team of specialists which provides joint feedback.
  4. In the fourth step, an implementation proposal is developed and a project partner suggested: Should the application rather be developed internally, purchased externally, or developed collaboratively with partners?
  5. Finally, after a pilot or proof of concept has been completed, it needs to be transitioned into a productive and potentially scalable application.

Figure 3: Support for the entire implementation process of AI applications - from idea generation to operational implementation.

The focus is strongly on supporting employees. After all, it is people who are the key to success, not technology.