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Henrik Hahn is Chief Digital Officer of the group and is chairman of Evonik Digital GmbHs management board. For him, digitalization not only brings new technologies, but also paves the way for new forms of cooperation, new business models and sales opportunities, as well as for more efficient structures and business partnerships. "Thinking and working digitally also means trying and testing new things, even if you fail with it," says Henrik Hahn. "Whether digital solutions for production and technology or agile working methods in administration, it is also about inspiring our employees for the digital journey. To do this, we need to develop, iteratively test and expand our digital capabilities to connect the digital world with the physical world around us, and especially for our customers."

Henrik: "Learning & believing is seeing"
Henrik: "Learning & believing is seeing"

In the "Everyone is a Leader" section, we introduce a different team member from the Evonik Digital team every month. Henrik Hahn starts.