Bernd Tönjes visits Evonik Digital  

Bernd Tönjes, Chairman of the Evonik Supervisory Board and Chairman of the Executive Board of the RAG-Foundation, visited Evonik Digital in Essen  and gained insights and shared his personal views on the current digitalization activities of the group.

Many of the activities presented during his visit in 2019 in areas such as e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and Industry 4.0 have since evolved and new activities have been brought into focus.

Previously, the focus was on organizational learning and the accompanying gain in knowledge. As a continuation of those early activities, the most recent visit focused primarily on transfer: How can the knowledge gained be transferred into cross-organizational methodical process models? 

The hashtags, i.e., the digital keywords, #SmartOperations, #DigitalBusiness, #CognitiveSolutions, and #HumanWork provided the categories within which the activities were discussed.

The range of topics demonstrates that digitalization is a creative challenge, not a law of nature, and can only be tackled jointly.